FeStay: Why Women Stay Despite Environmental Risk

Project Events

FeStay project has organized already a workshop in cooperation with the ICCCAD and a research development seminar. For more information on the upcoming events, you can consult the Agenda.

Here is a list of the past events organized:

ICCCAD Workshop on Gender, Non-Migration, and Climate Change

This workshop on gender, non-migration, and climate change took place in the Independent University in Dhaka, Bangladesh in collaboration with International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD).  Its purpose was to elicit discussion and gain insights from experts on the female decision to remain in place throughout generations despite climate risks.

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Development Research Seminar on Climate Extremes and Forced Migration

This research development seminar, given by Dr. Avit Bhowmik, provided expert insight on the obscure causal link between climate extremes and forced migration in developing countries. It specifically focused on the drought-triggered civil conflict and migration events in Darfur and Syria through a framework of self-reinforcing feedback loops.

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Kick-Off Session Climate Culture

October 5 2023 marked the kick-off for the research project “Revisiting Climate-Culture: Studying Locally-led Knowledge and Adaptation Practices for Climate Change and development in Asia”, organized by Dr. Bishawjit Mallick. The session delved into the question of how far climate change-related knowledge and adaptation practices (climate cultures) are globally transferable and applicable.

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